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Why this blog?… “Communication”

Winning business in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sector is all about communication. As a prerequisite, that requests talented and well trained people, but more importantly it requires a Team with the capability to catch up the global process of decision and then to anticipate on the next steps. Regardless of the competence of the persons, the overall performance of the Team is all about communication: communication to pick up information, communication to share it on time, communication to agree on action plan, communication on implementation and follow up.

This blog is to facilitate this communication.

Since a blog is to be shared with readers it may evolve over the time depending on bloggers’ expectations, but to begin with it will be structured on daily base around three topics:

  1. Project Information and data: Every day a project will be described, that is where the business starts
  2. Glossary: The Chemicals, Oil & Gas business uses its own technical and commercial vocabulary with many acronyms, with this Oil & Gas and Petrochemical glossary we shall try to clarify this global language for a harmonized communication.
  3. News: Here the idea is to highlight facts or figures which may have a significant impact on the market. We shall have a special attention on the good news paving the way to new opportunities.

With this agenda we expect to trigger an interactive communication for which your respectful comments will be always welcome.

For more information and data about oil and gas and petrochemical projects go to Project Smart Explorer


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