Success Story

Success Story

Thanks to its strong expertise in the energy market, 2B1st Consulting has been able since day one back in 2012 to build strong partnerships with key customers from the automation market.

The first solution being profitable from early stage, the company self-financed its developments to cover all the competences of the energy market and engage new customers. Addressing every actors of the industry, the solution benefits a broad range of customers always with the same quality of service. From small family businesses to large global corporations, our users not only appreciate the data accuracy seconded by the smart functionalities of the solution, but also enjoy the guidance we provide them over the market.

Along the years, became a leader of the business intelligence for the energy sector with more than 200 customers mainly located in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, USA. Based in France with an international mindset, like our industry, 2B1st Consulting travels around the globe to always meet new players of the energy world, thus realizing more than 80% of its business overseas. Our greatest pride is to maintain the partnerships we have developed with customers over the years with an exemplary renewal rate of 90% subscription.

Today, 2B1st Consulting is exploring new horizons with its new solution aiming to facilitate and speed up collaborative initiatives. Benefiting from strong reference with major energy operators, this solution appears as the best tool to manage innovation programs and multi-player projects in other industries as well, opening large future prospects to the company.

From a one-man company, 2B1st Consulting has grown up to integrate its activities and respond to an increasing customer base while remaining loyal to its roots. After years of successful growth, 2B1st Consulting is still a familly-owned company, not exposed to investors and fundraising series, focusing fulltime on customers to deliver the greatest value through innovative solutions.

>> LinkedIn profile Jean Charles Guilhem

>> LinkedIn profile Jean Guilhem

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