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Saudi Arabia: 32 active projects in Oil and Gas

On November 27, 2012, Project Smart Explorer  is tracing 32 active projects in Saudi Arabia exclusively related to the oil and gas and petrochemical sector.

By active projects we understand projects status between conceptual study and 6 to 8 months after award of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract.

After this period the project moves to archives as all the procurement decisions are made.

In doing so, we guaranty the validity of the business opportunities. 

These 32 projects in Saudi Arabia involve:

 – 15 end users or stakeholders, such as Dow ChemicalsExxonMobilShell, Sumitomo Chemicals, or Total but also national oil companies such as Qurain Petrochemicals, Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) to work in joint venture with the local  Sabic, Saudi Aramco or Ma’aden

 – 12 different countries hosting either the stakeholders, either the engineering companies working on these projects

 – 12 projects at front end engineering and design (FEED) stage

 – 5 projects to require project management consultancy (PMC)

 – 11 projects just awarded to engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors

Saudi Arabia: $3 billion business opportunities

These onshore and offshore projects cover upstream, midstream and downstream applications representing $38 billion capital expenditure (CAPEX) .

Within these $38 billion of  CAPEXProject Smart Explorer has been able to identify $3 billion of business opportunities.

These $3 billion business opportunities are worth of:

 – $1.006 million for Electrical products and systems (Switchgears, transformers, motors and generators, cables, lighting, power systems, etc…)

 – $1.671 million for Instrumentation, automation and telecoms (DCS, Safety systems, fields instruments, telecommunication, etc…)

 – $411 million for Mechanical power equipment (Diesel & Gas engines,turbo generators)

About 80% of these $3 billion business opportunities for electrical, instrumentation and mechanical packages will be awarded on the next 2 years.

The easiest way to find your business opportunities

If you are interested in the projects in Saudi Arabia or any other countries, you can easily identify your business opportunities.

 – First: you select the project location country of your choice, for example Saudi Arabia

You will get the number of projects in the country of your choice, such as 32 for Saudi Arabia , with some additional information

 – Second: you select the electrical, instrumentation or mechanical products or systems you are interested in

You will get the calculation of the price of the report corresponding to the business opportunities matching with your selections.

 – Third: you choose your subscription period 3, 6 or 12 months

You will be granted the free access to Project Smart Explorer to update your report at any time.

 – Fourth: you register your personal details and follow instructions for the payment

You will receive a first mail to acknowledge your order and confirm your payment. A couple of minutes later you will receive another mail to download your report.

With this process you pay only for the information you need.

The same process apply if you are focusing on one company, such as Shell or CB&I

You will get the business opportunities related to the company of your choice in the products or system range you are interested in.

You pay according to the only amount of business opportunities you selected.

Then you can come back at any time needed to benefit from the up dates according to your subscription.

See Beyond and Move First

 2B1st Consulting wishes you a great success in the never ending oil and gas and petrochemical business.

For more information and data about oil and gas and petrochemical projects go to Project Smart Explorer

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