Project Smart Explorer

Project Smart Explorer

 First Online & Smart sales pursuit tool for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical projects

 Trade marked as "Project Smart Explorer " this projects pursuit tool is targeting the largest projects:

1.  It shows a prospective view of the demand side with the capability to rank criteria and edit reports

2. It calculates through an expert software a budgetary estimation of the content of each project regarding the electrical, instrumentation and mechanical equipment to be purchased to increase your hit rate and save your costs.

As a result "Project Smart Explorer" will be able to tell for each project:

  • Who is involved
  • Where the decisions take place
  • When the procurement should happen
  • How much represents the estimated budget of each business opportunity
  • What are the key requirements if any
  • Project Smart Explorer Benefits

    1. Make a documented "go - no go" decision at the earliest stage of the projects
    2. Play proactive
    3. Lead the pursuit always with a step ahead
    4. Increase your hit rate
    5. Save your costs.

    On line on October 25th, 2012.

    To give you an idea of the level of details of information in "Project Smart Explorer", you may have a look into the blog of this website. Your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Remark: "Project Smart Explorer" is covered by a trade mark.

    Project smart Explorer