Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform®

Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform®

The First Collaborative Tool to Facilitate Digital Transition


Digitization Introduction

logoISPwithRDo you speak Digital or do you Practice Digital?

The is a collaborative tool to help answering this question.

Many companies buzz in medias with fancy digital wording, but how effective are these companies in implementing digitization in their organization and in co-working across their value chain?

Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform Key FeaturesAs the result of a two-year development driven by 2B1st Consulting digital experts, the has been designed as a collaborative platform to speed up the industrialization of your use cases and proof of concepts (POCs).

Based on Industrie 4.0 concept of Digital Twinthe enables to model collaborative projects and build scenarios to facilitate the digital transition in the companies.

For co-working covering joint business development, collaborative innovation or cluster management, this collaborative platform is unique to handle:

 – Intellectual property

 – Data storage

 – Risks evaluation and reduction

 – Value creation

In addition, these key features make the perfect tool to comply with the forthcoming ISO 50501 standard about innovation management.

Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform Key Applications

The collaborative platform combines our digital expertise with our years of experience in industry to model (Digital Twin) and speed up the digital transition for connected enterprises.

Designed to be simple and intuitive, this digital tool enables companies to implement co-working, test “Uses Cases” viability and develop new services, new offers, new business models with connected partners.

Using Industrie 4.0 communication protocols and architecture, this collaborative platform facilitates the conversion of “Proof of Concepts (POCs)” and “Uses Cases” into reality for:

  •  Boule_Industrie-4.0-Smart-PlatformJoint Business Development
    • Capture Team Pursuit
    • Packaged Offers
    • Attractive Local Content Offers
  • Innovation Management
    • Collaborative Innovation and R&D
    • Claim Resolution and Continuous Improvement
    • Compliance Guide to Innovation Management ISO 50501 Standards
  • Cluster Management
    • Trade Association Dynamics
    • Collaborative Projects Approval and Financing
    • Value Creation Monitoring

Three-Steps Process Digital Transition

 With www.industrie4.0smartplatform.com2B1st Consulting offers you a three-steps process to run efficiently your Digital Transition towards a connected enterprise:

  1.  Create
    During this first module, the partners will:

    1. Define the collaborative project and its legal environment
    2. Select their partners according to their competences
    3. Set targets for value creation
  2. Modelize
    This second module will provide partners with the Digital Twin of the project:

    1. Build scenarios
    2. Model most promising and optimize value creation
    3. Test project feasibility and reduce risks
  3. Execute
    Once the Digital Twin is completed, this third module helps partners to:

    1. Enable real twin execution
    2. Compare real execution with Digital Twin
    3.  Monitor value creation compared with targets


In doing so, is the first collaborative platform to enables enterprises to convert their “proof of concepts (POCs)” and “Uses Cases” into reality and actual value creation.

Internet of Services (IOS) based on Industrie 4.0 

Industrie 4.0 was primarily developed to connect objects together and implement Internet of Things (IOT) in practice.

The global success of Industrie 4.0 relies on two main features:

  1. Reference Architecture Model Industrie 4.0 (RAMI 4.0)
    Industrie 4.0 is the only digital program to explain how to connect things in practice.
    In addition the proposed architecture RAMI 4.0 is based on international standards facilitating its adoption.
    RAMI 4.0 will secure the communication between things with clear rules such as defined in relevant standards
    As based on international standards, RAMI 4.0 is an open architecture.
  2. Digital Twin
    RAMI-4.0_2016-01-25.jpgThe concept of Digital Twin was also invented by the German industry at the origin of Industrie 4.0 as an application of the cyber physical systems (CPS)
    These cyber physical systems (CPS) enable to model a system, but also to monitor it or even to control it since it is connectable.
    This Digital Twin will help to analyze system behavior in given conditions and to decide if the envisaged scenario may meet expectations while implemented it for real.
    The Digital Twin modeling will also contribute to reduce risks and to ensure the value creation to be delivered.

If Industrie 4.0 technologies can help to connect things together, the decision to connect or not things together belongs to people.

When these people belong to the same company, the decision may be easy to make, but as soon as the decision is shared among partners sitting in different companies for co-working, the collaborative process change rules.

In most of the cases, the inter-enterprises co-working just stops because of the usual collaborative barriers of intellectual property, the data storage and management, the undefined risk exposure and the uncertain value sharing.

To overcome these barriers, 2B1st Consulting experts decided to use Industrie 4.0 concepts of architecture RAMI 4.0 and Digital Twin to design the collaborative platform for connecting people together.

Industrie_4.0_Smart_Platform-Internet_of_Services_March_3rd_2018In doing so, enables different partners of a value chain to build the ecosystem required to implement co-working around “Uses Cases“and to deploy internet of services (IOS) together in order to develop new offers or invent new business models.

Industrie 4.0 Smart Platform® Business Model

With its unique key features, our collaborative platform is designed typically for:

 – Large Companies to lead co-working with their key accounts or their supply chains

 – Trade Associations to facilitate the digital transition of their members

 – Professional Clusters for Business Development and Collaborative Innovation

 – Independent Consultants looking for sustainable business model and high added value proposition for their own clients

Even if is a simple and intuitive tool, the inter-enterprises collaboration remains challenging because of companies rules regarding the protection of the intellectual property and related data.

Therefore,  to speed up the installation of the tool and to facilitate the adoption of the collaborative good practices among the partners, the licence to purchase the includes the consultancy support by one of our digital experts.

The First Collaborative Tool to Deploy Internet of Services (IOS)



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