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Engineering Companies & Contractors

Globally there are permanently 2000 Oil & Gas and Petrochemical projects above $100 million (CAPEX) in progress at different stages: Feasibility study, FEED, Detailed design, Construction, Commissioning and Start up.
  • They represents a market of $500 billion (CAPEX) per year for the Engineering Companies & Contractors
  • The growing size of the projects, the evolution of the requirements increase risks and complexity
  • 50% at least of a project value is outsourced.
Challenges In this context, the Engineering Companies & Contractors are stretched between the
  • Multiplication of opportunities attracting new comers
  • Globalization of the competition
  • Escalation of the risks beyond the companies bearing
  • Sourcing uncertainty required by the End Users (Global, Low cost to Local content)
Our Value Proposition

Build your Market leadership

to increase your Hit Rate, Execution Performances and to reduce your Risks

Our Methodology To establish you a Profitable and Sustainable Growth by simple and key leading initiatives:
  • Identify where to consolidate your expertise to meet the Demand side opportunities and expectations
  • Reduce risks in focusing on the most profitable ring of the EPC chain (Feasibility study, FEED, Detailed design, Construction, Commissioning and Start up)
  • Improve execution performances and increase profits in adjusting the Sourcing strategy to each project.
  • Detect the pockets of growth where your Market leadership should be quickly recognized.