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End Users

The End Users of the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sector are spending $500 billion per year in Capital Expenditures and nearly the same amount in Operating costs.
  • 30% of these amounts representing $300 billion goes to equipment, systems and related services
  • 90% of the procurement is done indirectly through Engineering & Services companies or Contractors
  • Size and complexity of projects pushes End Users to dig deeper in Engineering and Supply chain
Challenges For the End Users, the Supply chain is critical in many aspects:
  • It has a direct impact on the Project lead time and Operating performances
  • Regulations have changed, concentrating on End Users all HSE duties regardless the outsourcing.
  • The escalation of the technical requirements calls for innovation
  • Safety, reliability and financial constraints push in opposite way for proven solutions
Our Value Proposition

Build your Market leadership

to manage your Supply chain  and balance Technical requirements with Risks and Costs

Our Methodology To drive your Supply chain as an engine for Profitable and Sustainable Growth by simple initiatives:
  • Optimize requirements according to actual technical and commercial Good practices
  • Assess risks and benefits to adopt suppliers new solutions
  • Simplify the qualification of  new vendors to meet projects requirements (Global sourcing vs Local content)
  • Define the borderline between critical items and commodities to be outsourced through EPCs
  • Prepare and Implement Frame Agreements