Power Generation & Renewable Energies

Power Generation & Renewable Energies

2B1st Consulting has decided to focus on the Power Generation and Renewable Energies for two reasons.

First because more and more projects in the Oil & Gas  and Petrochemical industry require dedicated Power Generation. These projects are mostly located in remote locations, offshore or onshore, where no power supply is available. In addition the electric power consumed by these new facilities is increasing with the introduction of new technologies, so that even existing grid may have hard to supply them. cannot be connected to any grid demand increases continuously. So that step by step Power generation has become one of the most common package in the giant Oil & Gas and Petrochemical projects.

The second point is related to the Renewable Energies because as long as these technologies were developed by inventive start up companies for local use, they had little synergies with the Majors of the Oil & Gas business. But now the Renewable Energies have entered a new era  where the size of the projects, the complexity of the technologies to transport the energy, the location of the farms offshore or in deserts. This scale change require expertise fitting perfectly with the experience of the Oil & Gas companies which find there a smart diversification to reduce their carbon foot print.

Consequently the large projects of Power Generation and Renewable Energies have now taken the same path for feasibility studies, Front End Engineering and Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction as in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry. The same companies use the same process for the technical and commercial qualification of the vendors. With this energy sector turning global, the suppliers will face new challenges, that is where 2B1st Consulting will be pleased to share its experience in term of project pursuit, hit rate and cost reduction.


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