Mining & Minerals

Mining & Minerals

The Mining & Minerals industry used to be a rather conservative sector driven mainly by local companies. The investments were directly connected to the daily performances of the stock exchanges. But today, with emerging countries thirsting for raw materials and energy this sectors is in complete evolution, turning global and rampaging up capital expenditures in exploration, new technologies, new materials to secure sourcing.

Through applications like Coal-To-Liquid, Coal-To-Olefins, Coal bed methane, Tar sand, Extra heavy crude oil, Shale gas, Shale oil, we can realize how much the Mining & Minerals industry is getting close to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sector. To develop corresponding projects we can see more and more joined venture between companies from those two areas.

For all these reasons 2B1st Consulting has decided to use its advanced experience of the global and complex markets into Mining & Minerals.


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