Competence Development

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Competence Development

In the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sector, the Know-How is the must. It may be related to technologies, project execution, operations and services, HSE issues.

With projects getting bigger, going further, drilling deeper in one end, and with rules & regulations changing faster, standards turning tougher on the other end, the Competence development is a daily challenge.

For all actors Competence development accepts no compromise as governed ultimately by safety.

Our Expertise

  • Identify the fundamental competences required to empower the Business Model
  • Assess your actual Competence in respect with the required Competence
  • Develop the Team Competences on the top of the Individual Competences
  • Integrate in the Marketing leadership Road Map the action plan to align resources on selected priorities
  • Synchronize the Competence development program with the implementation of the Business model

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