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2B1ST Pyramide

Opportunities and Challenges If the Hit Rate is mainly depending on the Strategic level to meet the expectations of the Demand side, the Execution performances and risks management are mostly related to the Operational level to deliver on Supply side. Tactical drivers to success

  • Align on time the Demand side and Supply side together
  • Consolidate expertise either geographically, either by applications, either on the most valuable rings of the Engineering & Contracting chain (Feasibility study, FEED, EPC, EPCM) to improve Hit Rate and Reduce Risks.
  • Play Proactive on the Supply side to increase Sourcing flexibility
  • Run continuous improvement on operational excellence to align on time Demand side and Supply side to improve execution performances, profits and Customers loyalty.
Our Expertise
  • Perform gaps analysis between your Demand side and Supply side
  • Build your Market leadership Road Map (Budget & Action plan) for Growth and Expertise consolidation
  • Identify source of improvement in execution performances
  • Optimize Account Management and sales pursuit tools

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