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Opportunities and Challenges

For the Engineering Companies & Contractors, the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical market appears as an endless source of opportunities. In addition the projects business is no longer concentrated in some regions of the World, but as we see with Shale gas or deep offshore popping up everywhere and calling for new technologies.

In counterpart, complexity and risks have increased with the size and remote locations of the projects. The competition has increased with the globalization with new comers pull the prices down while the commodities push the costs up.

Strategic drivers to Market Leadership

Regardless its size or market share, the Market Leadership of an Engineering company or Contractor will come from its capability to:

  • Align its Demand side and Supply side
  • Be recognized to lead the Good practices

Our expertise

  • Identify where to consolidate your expertise to meet the Demand side and reduce risks
  • Define the leads to support your Market leadership from customers perspective
  • Adjust the Sourcing strategy (Global, Low costs, Local Content) to align the Supply side on Demand side and improve execution performances
  • Detect the pockets of growth where your Market leadership should be quickly recognized

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