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Opportunities and Challenges By the amount of spending, the End Users of the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sector attract thousands of suppliers proposing new solutions and better prices. Some of them may have been proven or tested, offering limited risks. But how to know? Prices are important, but 90% of the equipment, systems and services are procured indirectly by the End Users through Engineering & Services companies, so the Life Cycle Ownership Cost is more relevant. In addition the escalation of the requirements is conflicting with the costs and risks reduction. Strategic drivers to Market Leadership Despite the complexity of the situation, the performances of an End User is also related to its capability to build a Profitable and Sustainable Market leadership on the Supply side to:

  • Drive the decisions along the supply chain
  • Set up and spread good practices across the company and its vendors
Our expertise
  • Define the Corporate and Local values of your Market leadership on Supply side to facilitate future specifications implementation within the company and vendors qualification.
  • Work Proactively on the Sourcing strategy (Global, Low costs, Local Content) to align with project requirements in the limits of the Corporate values
  • Assess risks and benefits to adopt suppliers new solutions
  • Define where Suppliers' Frame agreement can provide valuable benchmark and tangible savings

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