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2B1ST Pyramide

Opportunities and Challenges

All together we may assume that the Service market of the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sector represents 10% of the Capital Expenditures, so about $50 billion per year.

For End Users, assets management is the key to prevent shut down or safety issues especially in remote locations.

On the Manufacturers side the Service is organized on contractual base signed with the Engineering companies or Contractors, their direct customers, for the duration of the EPC agreement.

In between, Engineering companies provide services until hand over to End Users, then the market is opened again.

For all these companies, local competent labor force remains as a shortage.

Strategic drivers to Market Leadership

In this context, the Distribution & Local Service Market Leadership is taken over by the first one who has developed the business model to:

  • Build up local competent resources to meet the Demand side.
  • Demonstrate tangible Service performances on Supply side

Our expertise

  • Detect, map and forecast Service needs Demand side
  • Identify Competence requirements per project on Supply side

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