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Opportunities and Challenges Globally the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical market offers to Manufacturers unlimited opportunities. the bottleneck for growth is internal. Locally the situation is different because an End User may be based or investing in projects in one country while designed, procured and commissioned in other places. For the Manufacturer the challenge is to mobilize and co-ordinate its local entities around a global targets despite their local priorities. Operational performances drivers

  • Focus on the selected targets supporting the Tactical Level Road Map (Budget & Action plan)
  • Allocate dedicated resources globally and locally to the global business pursuit
  • Adjust KPIs and rewarding systems to cross boarders performances
  • Move from Customer satisfaction culture to Customer loyalty
Our expertise
  • Deploy the Tactical Level Road Map at Operational Level to the key players of the Manufacturer
  • Translate the Value proposition into added value selling
  • Create new offering to generate rolling business
  • Speed up the Manufacturer qualification process in vendors lists
  • Optimize Account Management and Distribution policy according to available resources
  • Set the good practices for Project pursuit and Capture team selling
  • Define simple rewarding systems to move from passive "Yes I can" to Proactive "Yes I do it"
  • Assess and improve your Customers feedback closed loop  to anticipate future needs and increase Customers' loyalty.
  • Eliminate the "Black list spectrum"

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