Engineering Companies & Contractors

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2B1ST Pyramide

Opportunities and Challenges

In a fast growing but shaky Oil & Gas and Petrochemical market we can see two categories of Engineering Companies & Contractors, the:

  • Well established companies mainly based in North America, Europe, Japan
  • New comers from South of Europe, Middle East, Emerging countries.

First ones want to sustain profitability, the others pay attention to limit risks in new conquests. Therefore both need to invent a new Business model to restore or impose their respective Market Leadership.

Operational performances drivers

Demand side

  • Well established companies must improve their execution performances and costs efficiency
  • New comers have to cope with new customers expectations and risks management

Supply side

  • Identify and integrate missing competences
  • Assess and select Suppliers in their capabilities to support the new Business model

Our expertise

  • Rank priorities to implement the Market Leadership Road Map (Budget + Action plan)
  • Build the new Business model to focus on the new goals
  • Develop the new Value Proposition 
  • Speed up Alliances with Strategic suppliers
  • Set the good practices for Project execution and Project based Sourcing (Global, Low costs, Local Content)
  • Assess and improve your Customers feedback closed loop  to anticipate future needs and increase Customers' loyalty.
  • Speed up the qualification process with End Users and eliminate the "Black list spectrum"
  • Define the KPIs for continuous improvement

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