Energy Expertise

From a reactive to a Pro active Approach

With more than 30 years of experience in the petroleum industry, 2B1st Consulting lets its clients take advantage of the best opportunities on the market.
Covering projects in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Renewables and Decarbonification, our aim is to deliver a simple understanding to a complex business.
“Beyond the market clarification, our approach takes advantage of it.”
We detect, quantify and study market trends and their drivers being technological, political or economical. Forged from experience and expertise, 2B1st knowhow is at the service of more than 250 companies.

2B1st Pro Active Approach

Step 1

From reactive to Pro Active selection

Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Renewables and Decarbonification are markets full of business. From these opportunities, solicitations for offer quotations can fuel your days without translating into orders.

“The Pro Active goal is to pursue the offers you want to place”

Thus, the challenge is to maximize your hit rate, the ratio between offers made and orders won. With this goal, the good practice is to be more selective about projects to quote. Our approach goes beyond and make you chase projects you are sure to win. Maximizing your hit rate with the same resources.

Step 2

Project Selection

With the Pro-active concept in mind, the second step is to identify the best projects.

“Allocate your resources on projects with the highest chance to win”

With our database Project Smart Explorer, we focus on the 1000 most active projects worldwide. From this list, select the easy to reach projects because they match with your experience, coverage, network or references. Combining filters, Project Smart Explorer guides you on the project short list you should know since Pre FEED or FEED phase. Then you can.

Step 3

Project Influence

Once selected, the project pursuit starts with your team. The aim is to promote your service and product to people making decisions.

Of course, it requires an early involvement to influence the specifications and vendor lists with your value proposition.

“Lead project pursuit to secure orders.”

This Pro Active prospection is crucial to embed you in the pole position for the bidding process. With this front runner position you can lead the project pursuit from first call to last call to secure the order
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